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gio 10 mar



Russia and Ukraine: What Now?

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Russia and Ukraine: What Now?
Russia and Ukraine: What Now?

Orario & Sede

10 mar 2022, 20:30



Info sull'evento

Vi annunciamo con entusiasmo un evento ideato e coordinato dalla nostra Cristina Cassetti per aiutarci a capire la storia e la complessa situazione internazionale tra Russia e Ukraina. La presentazione avrà un'impostazione storica, apartitica. Presentazione e discussione si svolgeranno in lingua inglese con un relatore d'eccezione: Andrew Twomey.

Andrew Twomey has spent a 40+ year career addressing international security issues both in government and business. A career Army officer, he both led operational units and served in a variety of policy positions in the Pentagon and overseas, retiring from the military as a Brigadier General. Since 2008 he has led business organizations supporting US national security missions, with a particular focus on cyber threats and intelligence analysis. His talk is entitled: Russia and Ukraine – What now? In the talk he will briefly review the history of Russia and the Ukraine, review the conflict and its implications for US policy and security, and outline possible outcomes and options for US policy.

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