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Activites and Interest Groups

We are a group of friends who share common interests and organize meetings to promote Italian culture, art and traditions in the host country.

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Social Events

The “Dopocena” (“After dinner”) is our periodic social gathering. We usually meet in a member’s home to socialize, discuss socio-cultural topics, and communicate the latest decisions of the Board of Directors. Other social events are organized to celebrate traditional holidays together (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and Women's Day) and conclude the social year with the classic June picnic.


Cultural Events

Cultural events include guided visits to museums or venues of cultural interest and presentations by experts in architecture, art, literature, history, theater, cinema and other cultural topics.


The Health and Science Corner

It is a series of meetings with mostly Italian experts in the field of medicine and science. The goal is to keep us up to date on the progress of science and topics of great importance for our health.

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Italy as Seen by the D.I.V.E.

D.I.V.E. members take you on a tour of their native cities and regions from Northern to Southern Italy revealing details and curiosities derived from their own experience, beyond sightseeing.

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Book Club

Members gather monthly to discuss books by Italian or foreign authors. Readings are often in Italian to keep us informed of the new Italian literature, refresh our knowledge of the classics, and broaden our knowledge of international literature.


D.I.V.E. in Action  

We “move” together often doing different activities. We gather outdoors for healthy walks in local parks sometimes in the company of our partners, children, and teenagers. We also get together for biking, hiking, skying trips, dance “biodanza” and more.

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Under 18 Activities

Children and teenagers meet up to speak Italian, read, and engage in recreational, cultural, culinary and sports activities.


Information Sessions for Italians in the USA

Experts in the field of employment, social security, jurisprudence and consular services answer questions for members and explain the laws and regulations for Italian citizens living abroad.

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The Secrets of Food and Wine

We get together to learn from experts and our members. Professional sommeliers and masters of culinary art highlight wines and typical Italian products and food.  Our members teach us how to prepare various Italian culinary specialties. 

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Movie Club

The members meet periodically to watch and discuss an Italian movie together.

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Volunteering and Charity

We organize a variety of charitable activities with a particular interest in associations dedicated to helping women and children in need.


Christmas Market

Members who love to prepare sweets and cookies, create jewelry, clothing or other handmade items, have the opportunity to display and sell their products at the Christmas Market. A percentage of the proceeds is donated for charity.

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Burraco Club

Members get together to play Burraco (card game). 

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