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Mon, Nov 09



Useful information for those who live on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Useful information for those who live on both sides of the Atlantic.
Useful information for those who live on both sides of the Atlantic.

Ora e luogo

Nov 09, 2020, 7:00 PM


Informazioni sull'evento

Presents: Giuseppina Azzolini

Director and Coordinator of the ACLI Patronage

Curated by Cristina Campassi

Giuseppina Azzolini, Director and Coordinator of the ACLI Patronage in the USA (and previously in Canada and Australia) was exhaustive in illustrating the administrative practices relating to pensions, citizenship and medical assistance for us Italians residing abroad.

The event was interesting and very useful: we learned a lot of information, got to know the function of the ACLI Patronage and its complementarity with the consular institutions on site and the competent offices in Italy. Ms. Azzolini guided us in navigating various aspects of the complex pension system and suggested solutions to practical problems common to all of us overseas commuters.

Here are some gems for your notebook:

  • The ACLI Patronato offers free consultations to Italians residing abroad on services such as Italian citizenship, taxation, social security and assistance. The ACLI Patronato collaborates with local consulates and Italian administrations and assists in the explanation and preparation of the documentation necessary for the required practices. You can contact the website:
  • To navigate the intricacies of the Italian pension system, consult the website:
  • To obtain medical assistance in Italy, contact the Local Health Authority (ASL) of your municipality of AIRE registration to obtain the medical card of the Italian national health system. This medical assistance will be limited to emergencies and will last a maximum of 3 months. Full medical care (not just for emergencies) or extended beyond 3 months requires private insurance.
  • Italian citizens residing abroad with property in Italy are subject to IMU taxation as a second home.

Some notes on our kind host: Giuseppina Azzolini

Giuseppina holds the position of National Director and Coordinator of the ACLI USA Patronage After having directed and coordinated the Patronages in Canada and Australia, she was appointed National Director of the ACLI USA Patronage

In 1996, he reorganized the offices in the United States of America with the development of the network of offices, contact details and social secretariats. It also deals with:

- Coordination and management of offices in the USA

- Recruitment, hiring and training of new employees and social workers in the area

- Development and expansion of relations with the affiliated offices of the ACLI Patronato in Europe, Canada, South America and Australia

- Custody of official records and documents, ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations

- Update on developments and trends in international social security laws

- Official correspondence of the organization and, jointly, with elected officials, compliance with local law

- Development of relations with local media

- Conduction of local radio programs

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