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Thu, Oct 15



Rome and Olgiata (Lazio)

Italy seen from DIVE

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Rome and Olgiata (Lazio)
Rome and Olgiata (Lazio)

Ora e luogo

Oct 15, 2020, 8:30 PM


Informazioni sull'evento

Presented by: Erminia Scarcella and Franca Bartoli

Curated by Erminia Scarcella

Exploring Rome and Olgiata with Erminia and Franca turned out to be a visit made with the eyes and with the heart, with all the love that our Erminia, Romana DOC, has been able to convey by telling us about her "Eternal City" and with many details curious that our Franca added on her well-known Olgiata. It was exciting to travel around known and less known places in Rome, even if virtually but comfortably from our sofas, with audiovisuals and photographs. Franca dell'Olgiata's presentation, with a historical overview and contemporary news of the neighborhood, gave us the opportunity to explore this unique and little-known place.

It was exciting to see Rome, especially for many of us who were unable to return to Italy this year and who, however, had the opportunity to exchange personal memories and experiences at the end of the presentations.

We have discovered new new faces of Rome that we had not yet seen and maybe we will give each other a real, not virtual, appointment for next year!

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