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Thu, Apr 08



Evening with the sommelier: The new wine scene at the time of COVID

The secrets of wine and food

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Evening with the sommelier: The new wine scene at the time of COVID
Evening with the sommelier: The new wine scene at the time of COVID

Ora e luogo

Apr 08, 2021, 8:30 PM


Informazioni sull'evento

Presents: Malinda Sassu

Curated by Maria Luisa Sylos-Labini

Cellar life was difficult at the time of the coronavirus: se  on the one hand, sales and collections are no longer at precise levels, on the other hand they cannot interrupt their essential activities because the work in the fields is not wait. But there is good news: consumer interest in ancient and unknown vineyards. After a brief introduction to the problems of the market, we will review the new tastes of wine lovers, through a "walk through the vineyards of Italy" to discover native vines and new wines to be discovered!

The world in quarantine and wine: the sale of wine increases by up to 100%. It is not only food that alleviates contagion stress but, according to research, wine consumption is also increasing at the time of the “iorestoacasa”. We will first deal with a brief presentation of the research data of various international observers, thanks to which it was highlighted how important it is to drink well but at low prices and, above all, we will focus our attention on the exponential growth of sales of wines that are particularly "unknown" to the great public before the pandemic but, which are now rising to the fore of the interest of the consumer in quarantine.

The second part of the online conference starts from here with the roundup of the most popular Italian grape varieties on the web, Primitivo and Negramaro in the lead. The noble labels descend, small productions but linked to holiday memories in Italy go up, from small farmhouses to the most renowned locations in Italy.

In particular, we will talk about:



Sicily white

Venezia Giulia white


Chianti Classico





Unknown minor vines: did you know of the existence of Cacchione? (with this title we will conclude the session by talking about minor vines rediscovered during the pandemic)

A few notes on Malinda Sassu

Journalist and correspondent from Rome for several Italian newspapers including Il Roma, La Gazzetta del Gusto, Vinoway and Il Golfo. Malinda is a sommelier and press officer for public and private entities, scientific societies and university departments (University of Perugia), consultant in the field of Communication, Marketing, Media Relation and Events for companies operating in the Wine & Food and Tourism sector. He has to his credit collaborations, in Italy and abroad, with associations in the sector. The experience acquired in the USA after the foundation of the Italian Sommelier Association (the first and only woman in the history of Italian sommeliers) has strengthened her attitude in enhancing people and their projects with style and creativity, establishing connections and contacts in communication and public relations.

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