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Tue, Feb 16


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Taxation, inheritance and medical assistance

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Taxation, inheritance and medical assistance
Taxation, inheritance and medical assistance

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Feb 16, 2021, 8:30 PM

Online Zoom

Informazioni sull'evento

Presents: Sonia Alioto

Curated by Cristina Campassi

Legal expert Sonia Alioto, a member of DIVE in San Francisco, explained the legal terms of taxation and inheritance for us Italians living abroad and answered our questions. Further clarifications on medical assistance and social security in Italy for us Italians abroad were further clarified after the event and are available in the link below:

If you want to consult Sonia Alioto, you can contact her by email at:   You can also visit the website of her organization: "Italian Law". To access the "Italian Law" site, use the "Associations and Organizations" page of our site:

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